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In order to protect the knee from injury, what runners must know


1. Warm up

Before you start running, you must warm up and do enough. You can jog for a while to fully stretch the joints so that the joints can be fully moved.

2.good running shoes

A pair of good running shoes that suit you is a necessary equipment for runners. When buying running shoes, you should not only consider the cushioning effect of running shoes, but also your foot shape.

3.  exercise leg muscle strength

The key to ensuring that the knee is not injured or less injured is the muscle strength of the leg. Squats are the best way to exercise leg muscle strength. In addition, squats can also protect the knee joints. However, this training method requires long-term persistence.

4. Posture

When running, pay attention to the correct running posture, especially the direction of the knees and the direction of the toes, to avoid too much force on the knee joints.

5. Use knee pads

When running, knee pads can reduce the burden on athletes’ knees. Although knee pads cannot completely protect the knees, they still have a certain auxiliary effect.

6. ice compress

If possible, after running, you can apply a medical ice pack to your knees. If you don’t have a medical ice pack, you can make a simple ice pack by filling some crushed ice from the refrigerator in a plastic bag. You can apply more heat to the joints when you are not running.



1.Open design at the knee,which is good for stretching and protecting the cheekbones;
2.The embedded support strips at both sides of the knee protect and support the knee;
3.According to the ergonomic principle,the design fits the knee surface;
4.Simple to wear and remove,the left foot and right foot are also suitable.

Post time: Dec-22-2020