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Common sports injuries and treatment

1. Scratching (damage to the skin surface after friction)

Treatment:①Mild abrasions: Those with clean wounds usually need to apply red or purple potions to heal themselves.

②Severe abrasions: (First of all, hemostasis is needed) Cold compress method (explain), limb lifting method, bandage compression bandage method, finger direct pressure hemostasis method.

Cold compress method: It can contract blood vessels, reduce local hyperemia, lower tissue temperature and suppress nerve sensation, so it has the functions of hemostasis, analgesia and anti-tumor. It is often used for acute closed soft tissue injury.

2. Nose bleeding (nose bleeding due to external impact)

Treatment: The injured person should be seated, his head back, temporarily breathe with his mouth, plug the nostril with gauze, and apply a cold towel to the forehead and bridge of the nose, usually to stop bleeding.

3. Sprain (when the range of motion of the joint exceeds the normal limit, caused by the ligaments, tendons, and muscle tears around the joint) severe sprain.

Treatment: hemostasis and pain should be stopped first. You can raise the injured limb, rinse the wound with cold water or cold compress with a cold towel to make the blood vessels contract, reduce the degree of bleeding, and reduce pain. Don't rub yourself up to prevent increased bleeding. Then put cotton on the wound and bandage it with pressure. After 48 hours of injury, switch to hot compress to promote the absorption of congestion.


4. Contusion (injury of subcutaneous tissues, muscles, ligaments or other tissues under the direct action of blunt heavy equipment or external force, and the wounded skin is often intact or only slightly damaged.) The treatment is the same as (3).

5. Concussion (the head is hit by external forces or hits a hard object, causing excessive vibration of brain nerve cells and fibers) can be divided into mild, moderate and severe concussion.

Treatment: For patients with mild concussion, after a quiet bed rest for one or two days, they can participate in appropriate activities one week later. For moderate and severe concussions, keep the injured person absolutely quiet, lying on a flat place on the back, cold head, pay attention to keep warm, and send to the hospital for treatment in time.

6. Dislocation (Due to direct or indirect violent action, the joint surface is dislocated from the normal anatomical position.)

Handling: The movement should be light and handy. You can apply a cold compress first, put on a bandage to keep the joints fixed, and then ask a doctor to correct it.

7. Fracture (Bone integrity is destroyed)

Treatment: Should first prevent shock, pay attention to keeping warm, hemostasis and pain, then bandage and fix it, and send to hospital for treatment.



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The epidemic is not over yet, and the protection cannot be slackened! Cooperate with the monitoring and management to reduce out going and non gathering, avoid crowding when taking the bus, wear a good mask without carelessness, do not rub eyes and nose, ventilate the room for air exchange, have a distance for dining in the canteen, wash hands frequently to change clothes frequently, and go to the doctor early if there are symptoms.

Post time: Sep-22-2020