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Frequently Asked Questions

Can our company logo be printed on the product?

Of course.All products can be customized and modified.

We have independent research and development and design team, product style, size, color can be customized.

If you have other requirements, we can also recommend or improve products for you.

Do you have any product updates?

Yes. Product updates are announced through our periodical newsletter.

What type of payments do you take?

We take credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express). We also take PayPal payments.

Where are your products manufactured?


Can disposable masks resist coronavirus?

This mask can prevent coronavirus. In China, most people wear such masks to prevent coronavirus. This type of mask can filter the air entering the nose and mouth, effectively blocking the invasion of viruses.
Medical masks are generally classified into cotton gauze masks, medical surgical masks, FFP3 or N95 masks, and their protection levels are strengthened in turn. Our masks belong to the second category and can be applied to hospitals.

I don't understand the difference between FFP3 and N95.

Kn and N in the mask model represent different national standards.
N95 mask, the letter N represents the American Standard, the number 95 is the protection grade, and the filtering efficiency of the filter material of the mask to the particles reaches 95%. "N" also means not oil resistant, mainly for filtration of non oil particles, such as dust, acid mist, paint mist, microorganism, etc.
Ffp3 mask, the letter FFP represents the European standard, the letter 3 is the protection level, and the ffp3 protection level is higher.

I don't know if those kinds of masks are disposable or not.

Medical masks can be used as long as there is no pollution. The longer the time is, the function of the masks will be reduced and the protective effect will be reduced. In today's special period, if you are unable to determine whether the mask is contaminated, it is recommended that you replace it once.

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The process to become a Wholesale vendor of Zuoyou products requires vendors to fill out our Minimum Advertisement Pricing Policy Agreement, Vendor or Distributor Purchasing Agreement, and a Credit Application Agreement.

To receive these forms, please contact alex.wu@wxzuoyou.com. After completing these forms, send these forms to alex.wu@wxzuoyou.com along with the name of your Zuoyou contact that is working with your account. If you do not have an Zuoyou rep, please list your type of business so we may assign one for you.

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After you are approved for Wholesale, Zuoyou will contact you when your account is setup to receive Wholesale pricing on our website and access to our Wholesale Resources page. Our website only processes credit card & PayPal orders.